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Over 15 years of experience !

Translator for more than 15 years, I translated hundreds of projects in all possible fields!

A unique profile !

Born in Vietnam, I had the chance to study in Europe to master all the subtleties of the French and English languages, both in everyday language and in the most technical documents!
A unique case because the majority of Vietnamese translators on the market have never left Vietnam and only have a very academic level.

"An outstanding Vietnamese translator who also shines through his great rigor and professionalism!"

Clémence - WordsData

"With this translator, projects in Vietnamese are always delivered on time!"

Steven - TodayTranslation


Vietnam : A dynamic economy !

With 80 million inhabitants and double-digit growth, Vietnam is the new economy that attracts all foreign companies! New Asian Eldorado, all foreign companies want to be present and need a competent Vietnamese translator!

Vietnamese : a complex language !

Based on latin characters and composed entirely of monosyllabic words, the Vietnamese language is constructed in a very pictorial, poetic but difficult way. Translation to and from Vietnamese language, therefore requires such a conscientious work. The 5 existing tones make this language one of the most melodious languages of the world !



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